The school uses Junior Librarian to manage our library. This is a cloud based software package that enables pupils to access the library in virtual form from within school or at home.

Over 8500 books are currently catalogued on Junior Librarian. You can search for books, circulate them (reserve, issue and return), write book reviews, check your loan history and get recommendations for future reads.

When you have chosen a book you can go to the physical library in school and take the book you want. This can then be issued and returned using a bar code scanner. It is quick and easy to use.

The main library is located in the school hall. In addition each class has its own reading areas. Books can be loaned from any area.

Quick Start Guide

Check out the Quick Start Guide to help you use Junior Librarian.

Finding your book in the physical library in the hall

Books are organised according to the Dewey system used in libraries all over the world.

Fiction books are organised alphabetically by Author Surname. (A-Z)

Non-fiction books are colour coded into broad subject areas. Within the colour code books are numbered according to their specific subject area.

Plan of the Hall Library

The plan of the hall library can be found next to the shelves. You can use it to help you find the book you want.

Each classroom has library books available to loan.

Class 1 and Class 2 have a selection of banded reading books which support reading development. In addition there is a wide range of non-banded books in the reading area.

Class 3 has a wide range of books appropriate for Years 4-6, some of which will be banded.