Class 1

Our topic this term is Chocolate. We will be immersing ourselves in our learning by talking about books – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be our main focus but we will also be looking at Grendell: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate. Grendel is a little monster who adores chocolate. So when he is presented with the opportunity of making three wishes – guess what he does? In this take on the King Midas story, a wish that everything he touches would turn to chocolate has the inevitable consequences. In P4C we will be exploring what happens when you make choices.

As Historians we will:  We will learn about the life of John Cadbury.  Research the history of chocolate  Research the history of significant local people  Look at the history of the Aztecs  As Designers we will:  Design an appealing product  As Musicians we will:  Make and combine sounds musically  As a Scientist we will:  Say where foods are grown, what they are used for and how they are eaten  we will look at the materials for packaging  As artists we will:  create Aztec patterns  design labels for chocolate bars  make pencil drawings of chocolate (still life) 

We are also visiting Cadbury World with Miserden’s Class1 to learn about how chocolate is made and also the life of John Cadbury. Our topic will conclude with Class 1 making their own chocolates and selling them before Christmas to raise money for a chosen charity.