The Impact of Sport on Children's Learning in the Classroom

What Sport Means to Me - April 2017

Class 3 pupils were asked to express what sport meant to them. Below are just a few of their responses.

"It makes me feel energetic, peaceful and happy." - Year 6 boy

"To me sport is like donating to a charity that can make the world fit, which is free, and makes me have fun" - Year 4 boy

"I love doing it... It means I can just do it and forget about all things... Sport just makes me really happy and if I don't do it I'm not the same." - Year 6 girl

"Sport is really important, to stay fit and find new possibilities in everyday life. You can also find new skills like teamwork, friendship, courage and determination." - Year 6 boy

"Sport makes me ready to do anything and builds my confidence." - Year 6 girl

"Sport means a lot to me, I feel very passionate about it. If sport was taken away from me it would take away half my life." - Year 6 girl

"It gives me courage to carry on doing things. I love competitions, matches make me have more determination but the biggest thing I have learnt from it, and will not forget, is having fun and teamwork." - Year 4 boy"

"It's great to do sports early in the morning, before school, because it wakes me up and invigorates me, ready to learn. Doing PE during school is really good because it clears your head rather than being in a stuffy classroom" - Year 6 girl

"Sport makes me feel like I don't need to think and just lets me have freedom and let my worries fly out of my head." - Year 5 girl

Quotes from Premier League Primary Stars activity sheets, April 2017.

Sport Helping Children To Learn  - March 2017

Pupil voice is important at Bisley School. Shown below are a few examples of the children's thoughts about the role that PE and sport plays in their lives and how they feel it helps their learning at school.

"PE is an important part of school life because we need to stay fit and healthy. I feel more energised after PE" - Year 4 boy

"It brings us all together and it help our teamwork skills" - Year 6 girl

"PE wakes you up and gets you ready for learning... It keeps you exhilarated and happy." - Year 6 girl

"Playing team games helps you interact with people." - Year 5 boy

"It helps you communicate and have fun. It is good for you because you get exercise and more stamina." - Year 6 girl

"If we don't do PE in school we don't feel as energised as we do when we do PE. It gives us a chance to work with people we wouldn't normally work with. It keeps us fit and energised for the day ahead." - Year 6 boy

"It makes you feel happy... I think it helps me to encourage other people and persevere myself. It's good for you because you learn lots of different sports and over time you begin to get stronger and stronger, fitter and fitter." - Year 4 girl

"Team games help your co-ordination and social opportunities. Doing PE and sport keeps you fit and gets you ready for learning. It keeps your body healthy." - Year 6 girl

"When you're inside you sort of get hot and tired, however when I do sport it makes me feel happy... I think it is good for you because you can wash out all your grumpiness." - Year 5 girl

"PE is important because it would be boring to just sit in a chair all day. Sport can give you a chance to get fit, have fresh air and you can try a new sport that might be exciting... Sport at school can encourage people to go and join clubs." - Year 5 girl

"It clears my head and makes me ready to learn... Playing team games helps you because it keeps you lively and when you play in a team it makes you better with teamwork." - Year 6 girl

Quotes taken from Class 3 Pupil Voice survey sheets, March 2017.

Sport Preparing Our Pupils for Secondary School

In July 2016 our Year 6 leavers were asked whether PE and sport at Bisley Blue Coat School had helped prepare them for their secondary schools. Here are some of their replies:

"Yes, representing Bisley in sports has helped me to believe in myself and be prepared to try new activities." - Y6 girl

"I've discovered that I can do things I didn't think I could and that'll help me when I get to my new school." - Y6 boy

"Doing this sport at Bisley has given me the confidence and I want to try even more sport and bigger competitions at secondary school." - Y6 girl

"Yes, I have gained so much confidence by doing bigger competitions against other schools so I now feel brave enough to go and try new things at secondary school." - Y6 boy

"Yes, I've become a team player and think team games are best now, it will help me work with new people at my new school." - Y6 boy

"Doing PE at Bisley has helped me improve my skills in different sports and given me confidence to know that I will be able to try everything at my new school." - Y6 boy

"Because Bisley is a small school it's really good to take part in competitions at senior schools against teams from other primary schools, so I'm OK about the idea of going to a bigger school now. My skills have really improved, I've learnt such a lot and I've enjoyed competing against people from other schools." - Y6 boy

"To me Bisley is a place of sport because all our teachers help us and encourage us to try new sporting activities, which helps me to learn. It's been good that I've done competitions and sport bits at the school I'm going to go to, I know about it now and won't be so nervous when I get there." - Y6 girl

"Doing PE and sport has made me believe in myself and that will help me at secondary school." - Y6 girl

"Taking part in PE and sport has improved my confidence and helped me to make new friends. It's made me enjoy working in a team" - Y6 girl

Quotes from Year 6 children, July 2016

Sport Helping Children To Learn - March 2016

In March 2016 Ms. Austin discussed the relationship between P.E, sport and learning with pupils. She asked them how sport helps them to learn. This is what they had to say.

"It helps you to focus on other learning." - Y6 girl

"Sport helps you to live out the values of the school - like justice, we like to make sure the teams are fair" - Y5 pupil

"Exercise and sport helps you to get into good habits for when you get older." - Y6 boy

"Sport makes you calmer and more able to focus" - Y6 girl

"After you have done PE you feel relaxed and ready to learn. It clears your mind." - Y5 pupil

"Sport makes you happy and ready to learn when you work in the classroom." - Y6 girl

"PE makes you feel happy and gives you energy." - Y5 pupil

Quotes from Class 3 children, March 2016

Sport Helping Children To Learn - September 2014

As a result of our additional sports funding, we are now doing more P.E. and playing different sports at school. In September 2014 Miss Austin asked Class 3 pupils whether they think it is helping them to learn. Here are some of their answers. 

“Being active helps you to concentrate in class…. and not fidget.” Y6 girl

We learn about teamwork and use this in class to solve problems.” Y5 boy

“When we have done sport or PE we are more ready to learn in class. It also makes you feel happy.” Y5 boy

PE helps you learn how to listen and use hand eye co-ordination. This helps with your handwriting.” Y5 boy

“It helps develop your listening skills.” Y6 girl

“The fresh air stops you from getting a headache in lesson time in class.” Y6 girl

“It gives you extra energy so you are more ready to learn in class.” Y4 girl

“It makes you feel good about yourself.” Y5 girl

“You get into good habits for when you are older and you sleep better.” Y5 boy

“Doing PE makes you more confident. By doing more sport you learn you can achieve if you don’t give up. You soon get used to this and use it more often in class.” Y5 girl

“Doing sport outside helps you to get ready to learn inside. It refreshes your mind” Y6 boy

“When you do sport you have to think hard. Developing thinking skills helps you with your work in class.” Y4 girl

“Sport makes you tired so you sleep well and are ready for school the next day.” Y6 girl

“Sport makes you think LET’S DO IT and then try the same in class. I do this with my reading because I find reading hard.” Y5 boy

Quotes from Class 3 children, 26th September 2014