Spring 2018

The school will be involved in various sporting events and competitions during the Spring term. News about these events will be updated here so we can celebrate the childrens' achievements.

Class 2 PE

We are continually looking at ways to make our PE provision even better and this term Class 2 are benefitting from special sessions being delivered by Mr Tanner and Mr Hall on Friday mornings. Despite the freezing conditions for their first lesson, the children enjoyed a very active and fun hour whilst the staff also learned new skills. 

Gloucestershire Primary Schools Indoor Rowing Competition

On Monday 5th February, all our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils competed in the indoor rowing competition at St Matthews Primary School. Every one of the children showed so many great qualities, including perseverance, determination, respect, honesty and courage. It was great to see them all challenging themselves and encouraging one another. Many of our pupils set new personal best scores in their individual races and one of our Year 5 girls was delighted to be rewarded with a gold medal. However, it was in the relay races that the children really excelled, discovering that working together as a team really brought out the best in them. Our Year 5 girls’ team was amazing, winning by a distance of over half a kilometre. Another example of great co-operation was shown by our Year 5 boys’ team - which actually included two Year 5 girls! They discovered they were much stronger when working together as a team and they ended up achieving a bronze position finish. Huge congratulations must go to every one of our Year 5 and 6 pupils!

South of England Indoor Rowing Championships

Following on from our first ever indoor rowing sessions in the Autumn, eight Bisley Blue Coat pupils were selected to represent St Matthew's Indoor Rowing Club at the South of England Indoor Rowing Championships. It meant a very early start for the children and their families on Sunday 4th February, travelling to Abingdon, in Oxfordshire, to compete. It turned out to be an amazing morning and one that was positive and very successful for all our pupils. They were all great ambassadors for the school. Lots of medals were won and some of our pupils became South of England Indoor Rowing Champions!

Sports Leaders and Sports Crew

Following their applications, nine pupils from Years 5 and 6 have become Sports Leaders. Five of the children also have additional responsibilities as members of the School Sports Crew. They were thrilled to receive their badges from Mr Glenn Price, Head of PE and Sport at Thomas Keble School.

The Sports Leaders are enjoying the training sessions that Mr Price is leading on Wednesday afternoons and they are looking forward to sharing their new skills with the rest of the pupils. 

Cluster Quicksticks Hockey

Our pupils had only returned for 4 days following the Christmas holidays when some of our older children competed in the Cluster Quicksticks Hockey Tournament, organised by Thomas Keble School and held at Inside Football. We entered two teams (Bisley Dynamos and Bisley Thunder) and it provided a great opportunity for the children to work on their skills and challenge themselves in a competitive environment. They also needed to use a lot of the new Christian value for this term – perseverance! All the children had a lot of fun and gained a lot from playing. One of our teams even came away with medals, having won the small schools section of the competition.