Spring 2017

The school will be involved in various sporting events and competitions during the Spring term. News about these events will be updated here so we can celebrate the childrens' achievements.

Cluster Football Tournament

The school entered two teams – one for boys and one for girls – in the tournament which was held at Inside Football on Monday 3rd April. It was the first time there had been a girls’ team entered in the Cluster Tournament.

Our girls’ team had never played competitively against boys’ teams before but, after a nervous start, they really grew in confidence as the tournament progressed. They performed really well within their group, with much of their success due to their very strong defence and some outstanding goalkeeping.

Our boys’ team worked brilliantly together and had a great team spirit. They scored some excellent goals and were delighted to reach the knock out stages of the competition, before losing to the eventual winners.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Wright for being a great Boys’ Team Manager and to Jenny Brown-Wheals for all the help and support she has given our girls’ team this year.

Country Dance Festival

The evening of Thursday 30th March was very exciting as it was the Country Dance Festival at Stratford Park. Girls who had attended country dancing club enthusiastically showed off their moves while performing a range of dances. These included Cheltenham Flyer, Kings Silver Jig and Cumberland Square Eight. As always, it was a very energetic and hot evening, with about 380 pupils from 17 local primary schools taking part. It was lovely to see so many parents joining in the fun.

A huge thank you must go to Miss Leatherland, Mrs. Butcher and Ms Lane for all their hard work preparing the girls for the fantastic evening of dance.

Level 2 School Games Archery

The school took a team of 9 children to the archery tournament, held at Archway School on Tuesday 28th March. The team members showed great concentration and determination and scored an amazing 921 points on the main targets. They next competed on the adapted equipment, earning further points, so that their final total was a brilliant 987 - which meant they finished second out of nineteen teams and they all earned School Games silver medals. What an outstanding performance!

Cluster Cross Country Races

We are very proud of all the children who competed at the Cluster Cross Country races held at Thomas Keble School on the 27th March. The determination and perserverance shown by every one of them was brilliant and it was fantastic to see how they supported one another. The afternoon finished with cross country relay races for Years 3 and 4, followed by Year 5 and 6, and huge praise must go to all the runners who took paert in those relays. Well done everyone!

Len Hutton Millenium Football Tournament for Girls

The school took a squad of eight girls from Years 4,5 and 6 to play in the tournament held at Inside Football on the 21st March. There was a very exciting atmosphere, with teams from 24 schools competing. All the games were six-a-side and our Bisley Blue Coat squad were thrilled to win their group, having played 7 matches, either winning or drawing them all. Their quarter final match ended in a draw and sadly they lost out in 'sudden death' penalties. However, our girls were delighted with their performance, having gained a lot of confidence from it, and left the competition feeling they were ready to enter a tournament against boys. Here are a few of their quotes about the competition:

"I loved the football tournament and definitely would go again if I could. It was a great experience (even better than last year). I would definitely recommend it for the years below. At first nerve-racking, then exciting and fun."

"I really enjoyed playing in goal. I was thrilled when we won our group... It went to a penalty shoot out, we lost after sudden death... but I managed to be a good sportsman."

"The girls football tournament was really enjoyable and exciting. I felt that doing the club made a big difference, making me feel a lot more confident than last year. We did really well, winning our group... Throughout the whole thing we scored 5 goals and didn't let in any!"

"I really thought that football was incredible and that we did really well. Id didn't want to go at first but then I loved it so much. It was the best - I loved it so much!"

"Girls football was really good fun thanks to Jenny's (football coach Jenny Brown-Wealls) help with teaching us football it wasn't that hard. I really hope that I can go again and maybe get better."

"I really enjoyed the football tournament because you could play against nearly everyone, and the refereeing was very good. I also enjoyed watching the other teams so we could pick up tactics... so I really enjoyed it!"

Level 3 School Games Cross Country

One of our Year 6 girls represented the Stroud District at the county race held at Newent on Saturday 11th March. It was a very tough course but the Stroud District team was delighted to finish in the bronze medal position. Well done!

Level 2 School Games Quicksticks Hockey

The school entered two mixed teams in the tournament, which was held at Stratford Park Leisure Centre Astroturf. Both teams performed very well and one of our teams topped their group and reached the knock-out stages. All the team members enjoyed themselves and gained a lot from the experience, as can been see in their quotes below.

"It was really fun and I'd definitely do it again, and also I recommend it to other children."

"I really enjoyed the hockey as we all played as a team."

"I thought hockey was good because all the schools got together and you got to see how other people play, and you got to make friends."

"It was fun doing the hockey becasue it was my first tournament on astroturf and becasue there were 21 teams."

"I really enjoyed the hockey. I realised that I was quite good in defence."

"It was really fun and I'd love to do it again"

A big thank you must go to Mrs. Glanfield and Jennie Batten for their support at this event.

Level 2 School Games Cross Country Races

This year the races were held at a new venue, Archway School. Races for Years 5 and 6 took place on the 28th February and our pupils ran brilliantly amongst a very large number of entrants. We were delighted that one of our Year 6 girls qualified to represent the Stroud District at the Level 3 School Games cross country.

The following week was the turn of our Year 3 and 4 runners. For many of them it was their first time in a cross country race and they showed great courage, determination and perseverance amongst a very large field of runners. We were especially please that two of our Year 4 girls were medal winners.

Here are some quotes from our runners:

"Lot's of other schools were there so the races consisted of about 30-50 children making the run around the field quite difficult. Everyone did really well and I came 5th! It was really fun."

"I really enjoyed the experience and found it fun but challenging. I really recommend it for other people that like racing!"

"I did the race and it was wonderful!"

"I enjoyed going off the road and on the grass because it was muddy and the mud gives you a challenge."

"It was really fun - although I didn't do very well! If I had the opportunity to do this again I would definitely take it. I'd recommend this to other people."

We are proud of the efforts of all our cross country runners. Special thanks must go to Ms. Hawkins, from Oakridge Parochial School, for her support with this event.

School Games Panathlon

One of our Year 3 pupils was a star when he represented the school at the School Games Panathlon, held at Stratford Park on the 27th February. His favourite activity was table tennis and he said he had a great time and would like to do it again.

He also represented the school at the School Games swimming Gals, held at GL1 in Gloucester on the 7th March. We are delighted that he was awarded a gold medal for commitment, passion and determination, as well as being brave and courageous by representing Bisley Blue Coat school by himself.

Small Schools Football Tournament

On Monday 6th February, Mr. Wright took a squad of eight boys to Archway School, to compete in the Small Schools Football Tournament. the squad was comprised of three Year 4, three Year 5 and two Year 6 boys. It was the first time that they had played competitive matches together and they were very excited at the prospect. The boys were delighted to win their group and progress to the semi-final stage.

Many thanks to the parents for organising transport and helping one another, especially those who ended up taking some very muddy, but happy, boys home in their cars.

Cluster Quicksticks Hockey Tournament

Ten children, playing in two mixed teams, attended the hockey tournament held at Inside Football on Monday 30th January.

It was a great learning experience for them, as well as a lot of fun. These were the first matches they had played and they improved with every game, showing great determination and gaining in confidence, whilst developing their team skills. Here are some quotes from a few of the team members:

"The hockey tournament was really fun on Monday. We went to Inside Football to play against different schools and had a very supportive team. My team was really good at teamwork and communicating with each other." - Y6 girl

"I enjoyed it because everyone worked together. I would recommend it to other people who enjoy hockey." - Y4 girl

"To begin with my team didn't do very well, losing 3-0, but then we drew (1-1) twice and lastly won 2-0. It was really fun and a great experience which I would love to do again." - Y6 girl

"The hockey was a great experience and I got better every time. Even though we didn't win I had a great time." - Y6 boy

"It was amazing and we improved each game. I wish I could do it again." - Y6 girl

Boxercise Club

This term Mr. Tovey is running a Boxercise Club before school on Thursday mornings as part of our P.E Plus scheme. Children are enjoying the energetic start to their day and learning new skills with their friends at the same time.


Despite the cold conditions, children in Class 3 are enjoying playing hockey during their PE lessons. They are wrapping up warmly and really focussing on coaching points to improve their skills.

P.E Plus

This term we are using our P.E Plus provision during curriculum time to give pupils in Class 1 extra opportunities. Our Reception children are working on their movement skills and building gymnastic sequences. They are really enjoying the session as you can tell from their quotes:

"That was fun!"

"It was great."

"He didn't think we could do it and we did"