Autumn and Winter 2016

The school will be involved in various sporting events and competitions during the Autumn and Winter terms. News about these events will be updated here so we can celebrate the childrens' achievements.

Cluster Sportshall Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 6th December, a large team of girls and boys from Class 3 took part in the Cluster Sportshall Athletics competition, which was held at Thomas Keble School. The children arrived at the school feeling excited but nervous; for some of them it was the first time they had represented the school. However, nerves were soon forgotten once the events started, with all the children supporting one another brilliantly and cheering each other on. There were some amazing performances, showing great determination and team spirit. At the end of the competition the team members were delighted to discover that they had come second, behind Chalford Hill School. Well done team!

A big thank you must go to Mr. Price, head of PE at Thomas Keble School, for organising this very successful event. It was also lovely to see a number of ex-Bisley Blue Coat school pupils acting as Sports Leaders, helping to run the competition.

Class 3 PE Lessons

During November, in order to learn and improve their Sporthall Athletics skills, Class 3 pupils used the village WI Hall for some of their PE lessons. Despite the space being limited, in each lesson the children were able to rotate around six different activity stations. Team leaders did a great job helping to coach and encourage their team members and all the children carried out the jobs of time keeping, measuring and recording. The children challenged themselves really well, achieving new personal bests in disciplines such as speed bounce, standing long jump, standing triple jump and vertical jump. Sessions usually finished with very dynamic team relays and pupils left lessons feeling very tired but knowing they had challenged themselves and achieved.

Gifted and Talented Netball Day

Three of our Year 6 girls attended a netball gifted and talented day on on Thursday 10th November. Here is a review of the day, written by one of the girls.

"We were invited to a netball day at Gastrells Primary School. At first we were quite anxious as the school was massive! But everyone seemed really friendly in the end. We found it nice that everyone was welcome so that both boys and girls were invited. Before we started we had perplexing warm-ups (which everyone struggled with). After we played fun games such as walking netball, escape the ball and many more. Finally we got to the netball matches which was exciting as it wasn't just Bisley against others it was all mixed up. At the end we were utterly exhausted! I would definitely recommend it for other people."

Mobile Climbing Wall Day

Tuesday 27th September was a special day for the school as we had a mobile climbing wall erected at the village cricket field. All the children from Year 1 to Year 6 scaled the different faces of the climbing wall. It was wonderful to watch the children grow in confidence with each attempt, and hear them encouraging one another. Below are just a few of the children's quotes:

"It was good because I got to the top and I felt like the Queen of the Castle." - Year 1 girl

"I thought the climbing wall was fun and it was nice that we got to go on it because it meant that we can get better at climbing and if you couldn't normally go to centres with climbing walls you would then get a go on one." - Year 5 girl

"I loved it and enjoyed supporting my friends" - Year 4 boy

"I liked the climbing wall as the higher it was the harder it would be. At first sight I thought it would be simple but nether the less it was not." - Year 5 boy

"I loved the climbing wall. It was tricky at first because it was wet and on my first go I was a little scared (I have a small fear of heights) and my second go was way better because all my friends realised my fear and were cheering me on. I loved the climbing wall and would definitely have another go." - Year 6 girl

"Fun! I went half-way up and then slid back down" - Year 1 girl

"I loved the climbing wall. I had a lot of support when I was nearly at the top. I liked the button at the top that made a noise." - Year 6 girl

"I thought the climbing wall was EPIC! Even though I didn't get to the top" - Year 6 boy

"The climbing wall was amazing because when I got to the top my friends all said I was great and it made me happy for the rest of the day." - Year 4 girl

"I liked it when I was spun around." - Year 1 boy

"I loved the climbing wall because it was so much fun and it was nice to just have fun." - Year 4 boy

"It was fun and helped me get over my fear of heights." - Year 5 girl

Heather Knight and Bisley Bear

In May, Class 3 pupils were visited by Heather Knight, the England Women's Cricket Captain. Heather talked to the children, answered questions, helped with coaching and joined in our games of continuous cricket. As a way of thanking her, the children presented Heather with one of our famous Bisley Bears. This one had been specially customised so that it was wearing cricket pads, holding a cricket bat and the name Knight was embroidered on the back of the shirt.

We were delighted to discover that the Bisley Bear featured in a Sky television programme in September called 'Bridging the Gap'. Above is a photo taken from the programme, showing the Bisley Bear in the team dressing room. We were told by Lisa Pagett, Head of Girls Cricket at Gloucestershire Cricket Board and also General Manager of the Western Storm Women's cricket team, who visited the school with Heather, that Bisley Bear became a permanent feature in Heather's kit bag over the summer, travelling the country.

Cross Country Club

This autumn cross country club has lots of new members and a big thank you must go to those parents who help Mrs Batten walk all the children to the field - without your support it would not be possible to run the club.

The children are enjoying lots of different running activities at the cricket field and building up their stamina. Our Bisley pupils are being joined by some boys and girls from Oakridge Parochial School and the children are working really well together.

Thankfully we have been very lucky with the weather conditions so far and the field has usually been fairly dry. However, as we go into November it will be colder at the field and the grass will be wet so please ensure children are wearing layers and have hats and gloves. A spare pair of dry socks might come in handy too!

Football Club for Girls

In response to pupil requests, this autumn we are running a football club just for girls, with a separate club for boys as well. The club is run by Jenny Brown-Wealls, who is a qualified football coach. The girls are enjoying learning new skills and hope to play matches next Spring. The club takes place on Friday's after school, and will continue until the middle of November and then, due to the light, take a break until restarting at the end of January.

Climbing Wall

In July the school was visited by top gymnast Harry Owen and our pupils did an amazing job raising sponsorship money to support Team GB athletes with their training. A percentage of the funds raised also came to the school. When our pupils were asked how they would like to use the money, the most popular idea was a mobile climbing wall.

We are delighted to inform you that on Tuesday 27th September the school will have a climbing wall for the day, based at the cricket field. All of our pupils in Year 1 to Year 6 will have the opportunity to use it. Hopefully they will gain a lot from the experience and have a lot of fun!

Archery Club

Arrows have been flying and aims improving at Archery Club this term. Our older children have been really enjoying their sessions and progressing well. A big thank you to Miss Austin for helping with the running of the club and to those parents who have helped her to walk the children to the field. Sadly Xperience Archery, who run the sessions for us, are not able to offer us any more club sessions until next September as they are fully booked up for the rest of the year. However, if your child would like to continue learning archery skills outside school, please talk to Mrs Batten, who will let you have details of opportunities available.

Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers

A huge thank you to everyone who collected Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers for the school earlier in the year. Our order recently arrived and it included additional training hurdles, tall coloured cones, hand and feet slapdown markers, z-balls and jelly reaction balls. The children are already making good use of these items. Many thanks for your support.