Sports Funding 2017-2018

National Context:

The government has provided additional funding since 2013 to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The funding is provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

Purpose of Funding:

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport. However, they have the freedom to choose how they do this, within certain constraints.

Our Vision at Bisley Blue Coat School:

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally and socially through a range of activities that support, challenge and enhance their whole development. Our aim is to develop the physical literacy of all our pupils and to make a real difference to their lives by helping them become healthy, active, confident learners. We believe this can be achieved through engagement with PE and sport. We have identified specific setting and small school issues with the aim of removing any barriers to opportunities and increasing participation in sport. In order to achieve our vision we have greatly expanded the range of activities on offer to our pupils, both within and beyond the school day. Evidence of this is as follows:

  • PE lessons - the school has a carefully planned curriculum for PE, games and dance with provision aimed at developing the physical literacy of all pupils. Continual professional development of staff is considered as a priority, resulting in staff confidently delivering PE lessons. Lessons have been enhanced through the provision of new resources and playground markings.
  • Introduction of ‘The Daily 10’, a daily exercise session for each class, to break up lesson time and reinvigorate the children, helping with learning and fitness
  • extra-curricular clubs offered, various clubs for different year groups. The range of clubs has included archery, athletics, basketball, boxercise, country dancing, cricket, cross country, fitness, football, handball, mini-tennis, multi-skills, tag rugby, ultimate frisbee and Zumba.
  • involvement with inter school competitions
  • Football – girls and boys
  • Cluster events - Sportshall Athletics, Quicksticks hockey, Cross Country, Indoor Football, Rounders, Mini Red Tennis, and Mini Olympics
  • School Games Events - Sportshall Athletics, Quicksticks Hockey, Cross Country, Archery, Quad Kids, Mini Red Tennis, and Rounders, Equestrian, Sportability, Project Ability Sports
  • Kwik Cricket Tournaments, organised by Gloucestershire Cricket Board
  • Country Dancing Festival
  • District Competitions organised by Stroud District Primary Schools Sports Association (SDPSSA) - tag rugby, athletics, football, rounders and Small Schools swimming gala
  • links with local and national sports clubs/associations – for example, Stroud Hockey Club, England Hockey, Stroud Athletic Club, Frocester Cricket Club, Sheepscombe Cricket Club, Cirencester Cricket Club, Oakridge Cricket Club, Gloucestershire County Cricket Board and England Handball
  • extending outdoor and adventurous activities including residential visits and Forest School activities
  • annual sports day with every child participating as part of a team throughout the day
  • joint sporting events with partner school, Oakridge Parochial School, with their pupils also joining some Bisley Blue Coat School sporting clubs
  • forging links with other, larger, local primary schools
  • Making Up The Gap interventions, targeted at individuals and specific groups of children
  • Opportunities for Gifted and Talented
  • targeted provision for specific year groups or gender groups to encourage involvement in sporting activities and promote the benefits of exercise


The Sport and PE pages on the school website reflect much of this evidence, with latest details shown in the NEWS section of the current term.

Being a Church of England School, we promote our Christian values (for example, respect, trust, friendship, forgiveness, justice) through PE and Sport and positively encourage all pupils to enjoy achieving together. Furthermore, we use PE and Sport as a way to develop SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) values within our school. This year we are fortunate to be linking with All Saints’ Church, Bisley, for some special sporting event days for all pupils.

Impact of Actions So Far:

Following our Ofsted inspection in February 2015, the published report on the school states:

"The extra funding for sports has been used exceptionally well to expand the range of experiences open to pupils. The pupils were enthusiastic when they talked about the new opportunities available to them. In particular, they appreciate the matches and competitions in an exclusive range of sports."



Ways impact on funding has been shown:

  • pupils have developed positive attitudes to PE and believe it helps their learning in school, which is clearly shown by behaviour (for example, confidence, self-motivation, team ethics) and pupil voice
  • pupils recognise the link between exercise and health
  • pupils are competing in an increasingly wider range of sports and events
  • every pupil in Years 4, 5 and 6 has represented the school as a first team member during 2017, the number of children doing so in Year 3 is also increasing
  • increased participation in the wide range of sporting clubs and activities offered
  • strong links have been created with the local secondary school - pupils have used facilities/worked with specialist PE staff/young sports leaders. This has also helped our Year 6 pupils with their transition to secondary schools.
  • links are being forged with sporting clubs outside school so that pupils enthused by PE lessons, clubs and competitions may continue developing their sporting abilities
  • a Bisley Blue Coat sports charter has been created by the pupils, raising the profile of sport in school
  • pupils have achieved successes in Level 2 and Level 3 School Games events and also at District Athletics
  • curriculum planning ensures a full and broader coverage in the teaching of physical literacy through PE and games
  • staff have developed skill and knowledge through courses, also by working with coaches and observing lessons
  • targeted CPD training for staff, raising standard of delivery and ensuring sustainability
  • quality and standard of PE lessons has been raised, resulting in pupils making greater progress
  • equipment and resources have been audited and new purchases made which have improved the breadth and quality of provision
  • links with families promoting sport, exercise and health
  • achieving Youth Sports Trust Silver quality mark
  • achieving School Games Bronze Mark

Funding Allocation:

The funding allocation for Bisley Blue Coat C of E Primary for 2014/15 was £8345, for 2015/16 was £8360 and for 2016/17 was also £8360. Nationally, allocations for the academic year 2017/18 have been doubled and our funding this period is £16,710.

As a result of school self-evaluation and the impact of actions during the previous four years of funding, the school has identified the following actions for PE development in 2017/18.

Actions Points for PE and Sport Development 2017/18:

Ways to achieve action points:

Further improvement to quality of PE lessons to provide opportunities for all pupils to become physically literate

·         Specific time allocation for input by PE and Sports Coordinator

·         improved curriculum planning and assessment

·         specific focus on lower KS2 and KS1

·         improving the length of time children are active in lessons

·         continuing staff development needs: accessing all the training offered through SDPSSA membership, Fizzy training for specific staff, targeted provision of CPD for Class 1 and Class 2 staff by Atlas Sports

·         researching and making links with local, county and national sporting organisations and clubs to enhance learning and performance

·         replenishment of equipment and provision of new resources

Building family links, improving parental engagement and promoting sport, health and wellbeing

  • building on sporting vision motto and logo
  • parent questionnaire
  • investing time to frequently update Sport and PE pages on website to keep parents notified of news and celebrating sporting achievements
  • 'Yearbook' of events to be maintained including pupil voice
  • celebrating achievements; school representation in competitions highly valued and shown through presentation of specially created individual certificates
  • providing information about local clubs and promoting events so that children and families can continue and develop sport outside school
  • encouraging sharing achievements outside school with photos
  • planning towards school ‘Race for Life’, inviting Oakridge Parochial School to join

Making Up The Gap interventions targeted at specific individuals and groups of children

  • Fizzy interventions for pupils, staff attending training to ensure latest guidance is followed
  • Specific equipment such as new-age bowls, reaction balls
  • extra support offered for some pupils during PE lessons

Purchase of new equipment and resources

  • annual equipment audit identifying refurbishments required and purchases made
  • Specific purchases aimed at targeted development areas :
    • balls (different sizes and types to cover wide range of needs)
    • mesh team bibs
    • SEND resources
    • KS 1 equipment
    • Playtime provisions
    • scooters
    • Handballs and coaching pack
    • Dodge balls for Class 3 break-times
    • general resources (balls, beanbags, squistles etc)

Provision for Gifted and Talented

  • providing extension opportunities in PE lessons
  • providing opportunities outside school, for example netball
  • promoting local club links with parents

Providing broader range of extra-curricular clubs to interest and encourage a wider range of pupils to participate

  • identifying participation rates and selecting opportunities to widen involvement
  • Atlas Sports to deliver range of clubs to meet identified needs
  • New netball club, initially run by Atlas Sports then by parents with staff support

Provision of broader range of sporting opportunities in curriculum time

  • Indoor rowing for Class 3 pupils
  • Handball for Class 3 pupils, meeting cohort needs
  • Wider range of activities for Class 2 pupils provided as a result of Atlas Sports CPD
  • Special event days, for example, opportunities provided by All Saints’ Church, Bisley

Enrichment for pupils by entering wider range of organised competitions providing further sporting opportunities within the district

  • entering Cluster Sports events offered by Thomas Keble School
  • entering as many School Games events as possible
  • entering as many SDPSSA events as possible
  • Key Stage 1 competition
  • funding all events entered
  • funding transport when necessary
  • develop sporting links with larger primary school and partner school

Introduction of Sports Leaders and Sports Crew

  • Thomas Keble School Head of PE to train a group of Sports Leaders and Sports Crew to be able to run range of lunch time games and help with other activities
  • Sports leader/crew kit purchased – hoodies and badges
  • Sports Crew to be sporting links with individual classes and School Council
  • Sports Crew to update Sports Charter, using input from all pupils

Promoting links between exercise and health

  • Ensure all pupils recognise link between exercise an health

Providing inspirational opportunities

  • Funded trip still to be decide upon

Profile of PE and sport being raised as a tool for school improvement and development

  • Daily 10 introduced as part of the daily timetable, to help with learning and fitness
  • Specific sports time allocated to PE Coordinator
  • Youth Sports Trust membership and applying again for quality mark aiming to improve targeted areas from silver to gold standard
  • School Games Mark – using criteria as way to improve
  • using sport for working and achieving together
  • Pupil and staff questionnaires
  • Provision of clubs to encourage school attendance
  • Celebrating achievement by making individual certificates
  • Sports Crew raising sporting profile with younger children
  • Linked sporting activities with Oakridge Parochial School and Miserden Primary School


Percentage of Year 6 pupils who could swim at least 25m when they left Bisley Blue Coat School in July 2017 was 100%.