Reading Schemes

Books are 'banded' according to the level of progression of the reader. First books will comprise of a story of pictures with no words. As books progress words are added, then sentences. Sentences and words become more complex and vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and structure are developed. As readers become more proficient skills such as comprehension, inference and humour are added to the text.

Historically different publishers have used their own banding structure but are now moving towards a national one as shown in the chart below. Books at Bisley School will have been colour coded according to this chart regardless of publisher.

For our young readers we will introduce them to phonics to get them started. We use the Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics schemes which suppliment one another.

Banded Reading Chart

At Bisley we use several reading schemes.

Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) is used within class as part of our structured guided reading. We will also use Collins Big Cat for group guided reading.

We have a range of banded reading books from a variety of publishers which are 'free readers' - books that children can select themselves to take home. These include other books by ORT, Collins Pathways and Ginn All Aboard as well as non-scheme books that have been banded such as Elmer or the Flower Fairies.

Do not rush through the books, your child may wish to read the same book several times until they are confident in reading them. It is important to read as many books within a band as possible. This will develop confidence as well as expand vocabulary.

Bands 0-5 (Lilac to Orange) are located in Class 1. Bands 7+ (Turquoise to Burgundy) are located in Class 2. There are a selection of higher interest, lower reading ability banded reading books available in Class 3 for reluctant readers such as Project X or Beast Quest as well as non-scheme books such as those by author Michael Morpurgo.

By borrowing these books through our online library system, parents can monitor the books that their child has read and search for other books within the banded reading schemes. When searching go to enquiry and select Views. You will see options for Colour Banded Books (which excluded ORT/ Big Cat guided reading which are for classroom use only).

To find out more about reading bands and how you can support your child, please read the document below.

Each child learns at a different rate and the ages/ year groups within the chart are given as a guide to the 'average' reader.